Product Spotlight – IPT6000ASC-000 4K HDMI 2.0 SDVoE Encoder & Decoder

Part of our 6000 series, this transceiver leverages Semtech AVP2000T SDVoE ASIC to deliver uncompressed HDMI 2.0 signals upt to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8-bit on Cat6 or better. This device supports bi-directional IR, RS 232 and 1000Mbps ethernet pass-through. We have a wide range of solutions in our 6000 series, your account manager is happy to […]

Grandbeing Refreshed Brand Gets Attention

The new logo features an arc on the top with a hard edge and soft edge, symbolizing our presence in both the hardware and software aspects of AV. We pulled forward the “GB” letters, since many refer to us by that moniker already, and anchored it on our full name. The cutouts in the letter […]

Product Spotlight – IP915 Series for AVoIP

For networking situations where ease of installation and use is paramount, and cost matters, the IP915 1080P H.265 transmitter and receiver provides you with a great solution to offer your customers. The challenge of complicated configuration of the ethernet switch is eliminated with VisualDirector, the intuitive visual control app. “The configuration is the easiest of […]

Keith’s Corner – May 2021

Our IP6000 series has now arrived, is shipping, and already making market impact… fact, it’s the strongest and fastest growing part of our line. The evolution of our offering from the FPGA to the new ASIC from Semtech has broken all kinds of barriers with relations to cost, size, performance, and heat dissipation. We’ve been […]

Triangle of Tradeoffs Impacts AV over IP Product Mix

AV over IP The AV industry is rapidly adopting hardware solutions that allow for packetizing data to improve the user experience. In deciding which offerings are best for your clients, consider this, the Triangle of Tradeoffs which shows the three critical areas that impact functionality, performance, and cost. As solution providers, you have three important […]

Product Spotlight – IP 6000

The 6000 series has a range of signal transport options (e.g. copper or fiber), with Icron and Dante options also available. Here we are showing our IPT6000ASC-UD-00 4K HDMI 2.0 SDVoE unit. This unit has a distance of 100M, with PoE, Icron USB and Dante built it. It’s a true workhorse of the AV over […]

Keith’s Corner – March 2021

Begin with the End in Mind We are finally beginning to see movement in some critical AV markets that have been stagnant due to COVID. Live events and attractions, busier workplace environments, and re-populated classrooms are slowly rebounding as people feel more secure. During the downtime, many decision-makers have been evaluating their current AV/IT strategy […]

DISPLAY Questions to Ask

Ask the Right Questions D – Distance Are you transporting signals locally or globally? How far? What combinations of hardware and software will tackle the challenge? I – Inputs/Outputs What kind and how many inputs and outputs are required? If you are installing a build from the ground up, you will have more say in […]

Keith’s Corner – Feb 2021

What I Enjoy About New Technology One of the things I love most about spending 30+ years in this industry is getting to see new technology come to the forefront. Many of us well remember the days when we had to lug around spools of copper cabling……I may have pulled a few wires myself in […]

Fiber Provides Distribution Advantages

Do you have a good product mix offering fiber technology? Manufacturers looking to the future are adding a wider range of fiber-based products to their mix because of the many advantages it provides. The future of AV will most certainly rely on fiber, so our R&D department has spent years perfecting our fiber offerings, and […]