Keith’s Corner – May

Our IP6000 series has arrived, and has been shipping, and already making market impact… fact, it’s the strongest and fastest growing part of our line. The evolution of our offering from the FPGA to the new ASIC from Semtech has broken all kinds of barriers with relations to cost, size, performance, and heat dissipation. We’ve […]

Keith’s Corner – March

Begin with the End in Mind We are finally beginning to see movement in some critical AV markets that have been stagnant due to COVID. Live events and attractions, busier workplace environments, and re-populated classrooms are slowly rebounding as people feel more secure. During the downtime, many decision-makers have been evaluating their current AV/IT strategy […]

Keith’s Corner – Feb

What I Enjoy About New Technology One of the things I love most about spending 30+ years in this industry is getting to see new technology come to the forefront. Many of us well remember the days when we had to lug around spools of copper cabling……I may have pulled a few wires myself in […]


A Global Perspective – Industry Trade Associations I had the honor of recently being elected to the Board of SDVoE for the fourth time. Being involved in this industry trade association, along with others, has been instrumental for our company in many ways. Although I’ve been a part of this industry for 35 years and […]