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Ask the Right Questions

D – Distance Are you transporting signals locally or globally? How far? What combinations of hardware and software will tackle the challenge?

I – Inputs/Outputs What kind and how many inputs and outputs are required? If you are installing a build from the ground up, you will have more say in this. But in many cases, you are working with existing systems, in these cases some current signal inventory is needed.

S – Speed & Latency How important is it to have ultra-fast speed and low latency? Get a feel for how the system will be used so you can know what kinds of signal delivery speed is required.

P – Power Source What are the power requirements for your system – will it be PoE, PoC or PoH? We offer arange of power delivery options for many of our products, so feel confident you can accommodate any scenario.

L –Legacy What legacy systems will you typically encounter? It’s different for every vertical, so assess what you’re working with and we can recommend appropriate product offerings. Are you in an HDBaseT environment, SDVoE, or a combination of both? Your solution should address every situation.

A –Affordability What is your budget? As in most things in our industry, budget is a factor. To offer a versatile solution, many customers offer a 3-tiered approach. This provides a value-engineered entry-level solution, a mid-range option, then a higher-end offering with all the bells and whistles.

Y – Years to Come Future-proof your offering by looking at options engineered with the future inmind. Our fiber options, for example, are an industry-leading solution that positions end-users to fully leverage networks as they become available.

Our ProITAV US team is here to advise and assist in figuring out all the variables that will be important to your customers. We partner with your technology specialists to figure out solutions that will address both current and future challenges……we do it by asking the right questions!

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