Fiber Provides Distribution Advantages


Do you have a good product mix offering fiber technology? Manufacturers looking to the future are adding a wider range of fiber-based products to their mix because of the many advantages it provides. The future of AV will most certainly rely on fiber, so our R&D department has spent years perfecting our fiber offerings, and we’re adding to it all the time. We also develop custom fiber-based products for our customers.

Fiber – Four Key Benefits to Consider

Data Throughput – Fiber can manage large amounts of data, whether you select single mode or multi-mode. In fact, it transmits more data over further distances than any other medium currently available.

Data Speed – The high transmission speed maximizes efficiency in every situation, whether enterprise, education, in the home or for entertainment and venues. Clients appreciate the extreme speed of signal transport.

Transport Distance – Category cable runs into challenges over long distances, but fiber solves those challenges. It’s so easy to install, in terms of distance, single mode can offer 10s of kilometers of distance transport.

Future-proof Your System – Fiber offers the ability to future-proof your AV, since copper is approaching its theoretical limitations. Offer solutions that will protect your client’s investment for many years to come.

Fiber is a reliable option because it has no conductivity, so disruption due to power surges are eliminated. The cost has been coming down, and it’s become much more durable. Systems using category cable are nearing the theoretical end of their useful life in terms of data throughput. So, if you need to transmit signals of super0-high bandwidth more than just a few meters, fiber is the best option.

Our ProITAV technical specialists can review these benefits of fiber, and also brief you on our latest fiber product options. Let’s talk about making fiber a bigger part of your revenue stream.

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