Grandbeing Refreshed Brand Gets Attention


The new logo features an arc on the top with a hard edge and soft edge, symbolizing our presence in both the hardware and software aspects of AV. We pulled forward the “GB” letters, since many refer to us by that moniker already, and anchored it on our full name. The cutouts in the letter “B” are HDMI connectors, giving a subtle cue that we are a technology company. The existing color, Grandbeing red, was retained for the brand to provide continuity with the former brand identity.

The tagline was slightly altered to “Creating Next-Level AV/IT Connections” to continue to reflect our commitment to creating meaningful connections via signal management, and broadened the to include IT. We added the modifier “next-level” to better reflect taking our customers to the next-level of their business with a broader and deeper line of their own branded products.

The logo captures Grandbeing’s five brand pillars; creating deep and lasting partnerships, technical expertise, superior customer service, global industry knowledge, and a flexible and agile culture.
“The look and feel of the new logo is modern, tech-forward and memorable. It reflects our five brand pillars perfectly,” commented Keith Kennedy, Managing Director. “The logo now truly represents who we are as a brand, and the culture of the team behind the brand. I’ve already had some compliments on our new look.”

Kennedy continues to explain that this year, with so many forays into uncharted territory across our industry, we had the perfect opportunity to self-reflect. The Grandbeing management team took some time to dig into our brand and culture, and re-evaluate our message to the industry. We are excited to put that image out for the world to see.

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