Keith Kennedy - ProITAV USA

Keith’s Corner – Feb


What I Enjoy About New Technology

One of the things I love most about spending 30+ years in this industry is getting to see new technology come to the forefront. Many of us well remember the days when we had to lug around spools of copper cabling……I may have pulled a few wires myself in those days.

Our article on fiber this month reminded me anew how exciting it is to be involved in a critical part of technology development. After all, the best screens in the world would be nothing without robust signal management. Developing and mastering new technology is an arena where we really shine.

We’ve been taking a deep dive into the developments with 8K, Dolbyvision, USB, Dante, Unified Communications, SDVoE protocols, new HDBaseT introductions and more. For some, mastering all these technologies can seem overwhelming, but our team of 300+ engineers has dedicated R&D personnel monitoring all these trends on your behalf. Let US be YOUR expert in new signal management technology!

Like many of you, we enjoy geeking out over these latest innovations and figuring out how they will most benefit our clients. We find it satisfying and invigorating to guide you in introducing cutting edge technology, and to tell you what exciting developments are on the horizon.

Let’s talk more about how robust signal management offerings will put you in the best position to serve your vertical, and be at the leading edge of everything happening in signal management.

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