Keith Kennedy - ProITAV USA

Keith’s Corner – March


Begin with the End in Mind

We are finally beginning to see movement in some critical AV markets that have been stagnant due to COVID. Live events and attractions, busier workplace environments, and re-populated classrooms are slowly rebounding as people feel more secure.

During the downtime, many decision-makers have been evaluating their current AV/IT strategy to see how they can shore-up technology in case of unforeseen interruptions. In conducting an evaluation of your AV ecosystem offerings, we like to encourage customers to begin with the end in mind.

We deliver world-class technology solutions that are virtually limitless. But – let’s face it – budgets, space, and personnel in the real world are rarely limitless. That’s why we are providing clarifying questions in this month’s feature. So, I like to recommend starting with the workplace challenge you are looking to solve, and then envisioning the ideal end-user experience. Consider how customers will use and manage the solution you’re providing, and, that’s a great starting point.

When you can position ROI in terms of an unparalleled end-user experience, and greater efficiencies, reliability and reporting on the management side, you have a winning combination. In some cases, a value-engineered workhorse solution might be the answer. In other scenarios, you need a more complex, versatile solution with many options. In either case, we stand ready, as your partner, to make your ultimate vision a reality.

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