New SDVoE Alliance Certified Design House Certification and its Implications for the Future


On November 29th the SDVoE™ Alliance, announced the SDVoE Certified Design House program, a qualification for professional AV companies. Systems Integrator AVI-SPL is the first to become a SDVoE Certified Design House, signifying big changes to come in the industry.

The new certification expands upon the original SDVoE Certified Design Partner program that was created to serve the training needs of individual system designers by providing them with on-demand training and accreditation. The much broader Certified Design House designation allows for an entire company to be certified. All it requires is that the platform be incorporated into their solution portfolio and that a minimum of 25 percent of their staff are SDVoE certified. As one of the largest and most recognized integration companies in the industry, AVI-SPL is leading the charge in ramping up their SDVoE expertise across the organization, and we expect many more to follow. With more and more integration companies eager to attain their certifications, increased demand for SDVoE compliant products is likely to follow.

SDVoE offers system designers a clear performance edge in fidelity, flexibility and latency when compared to other AV over IP platforms. In the context of the Certified Design House program though, another unique advantage of the platform stands out: compatibility. Thanks to cross vendor interoperability, integrators like AVI-SPL can specify SDVoE based systems using products from a range of suppliers, manufactures and brands. This gives them flexibility to be able to source the right devices for their projects and supply chain resiliency when it comes to delivering products to their customers. For manufacturers, interoperability offers the opportunity to focus on differentiated designs that leverage their unique market and product know-how, letting these take a place within a lineup that also leverages cost effective off-the-shelf designs. It turns point product strategies into portfolios. And once the lineup is complete it brings an opportunity to supply a market that already has a working knowledge of how to design, deploy and support the technology in the field.

ProITAV was one of the very first to recognize the potential of the SDVoE platform, and we have played a key role within the Alliance since it was first founded. With a thorough understanding of the marketability and advantages of the SDVoE platform, we have been planning ahead to be ready for this moment. In September of 2022, Semtech, a leading global supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors with advanced algorithms, announced its 20th collaboration with ProITAV. Their BlueRiver® technology is the core of the SDVoE chipset. Throughout our eight years of collaboration with Semtech, ProITAV has produced close to 100 designs for our customers, both standard and bespoke. ProITAV solutions, paired with Semtech’s BlueRiver devices, are one of the reasons ProITAV has been so successful in the professional AV industry to date. We were the first ODM company to deploy Semtech’s BlueRiver platform for ProAV solutions in 2014.

Further demonstrating our commitment to the SDVoE platform, Keith Kennedy, our managing director was just re-elected to the board of directors of the SDVoE alliance for 5 years running.

At ProITAV, we believe this is one of the most exciting and viable offerings in our lineup and look forward to assisting you in bringing SDVoE to your customers now and into the future. Contact us to learn more about this program and what it might mean for your business.

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