Why Partner with PROITAV USA

Why partner with ProITAV?

Next level partnerships make things easy on our customer. We listen to your needs, then use our expertise and industry knowledge to compliment your ideas. Our partnership goal is aligned with your business strategy to create and enhance revenue streams wherever possible.

Working with ProITAV is easy, here are the three simple steps to getting your product to market.

OEM Process 1

Identify Your Goals

ProITAV is known for our research and innovation. We partner with you in the design, development and manufacture of digital audio/video products to meet your business goals. It’s never a one size fits all approach; everything we do is customized for you. We make products based on your specific needs. This could mean incorporating different technologies, price points, or connectivity, to give your customer a variety of options. Our innovative approach aligns with each unique channel allowing us to create both standard and custom offerings for your clients.

Our next-level approach means we work side-by-side with you on business strategy, to identify and timeline your product goals, so that you maximize revenue, whatever your needs.

You Have Options

Your engagement and needs assessment is the first step. Once complete, we can determine which solutions provide the best options for your company. We support you in whatever way makes sense.

We fulfill your needs by acting as a consulting partner at every step of the process. For example, it might make the most sense for you to white label one of our existing products. In many cases, custom design is the way to go. Or perhaps you can use one of our standard products and just make a few changes.

Our senior management comes with years of expertise driving innovation in the AV/IT industry, so offer expertise in developing a well thought-out go-to-market strategy that will maximize your industry position.

Develop & Manufacture

Our industry-leading R&D team consists of more than 100 engineers with command of some of the most sophisticated systems in technology. Beginning with product concept, and progressing step-by-step toward mass production, we ensure that every detail is scrutinized and perfected.

You have at your disposal our US-based team, we work closely with every client to answer all questions, assist with onboarding and training, offer marketing support, and help you plan for future growth. You can be assured that you will be delivered an exceptional product of the highest quality. More importantly, you have a partner that is in it for the long haul, supporting you in getting products to market as you expand and grow your business.