Product Spotlight – 2XHDMI 2.0 KVM SWITCHER


KVM Offers a Safe, Efficient Operating Environment

High Performance KVM Solutions Features and Benefits

Work, learning and home environments have change rapidly in the past several months. KVM solutions are offer the versatility to work from another room or another building with ease.

One of the best features of this solution is ease of configuration. It is so easy to expand and scale a KVM space as needs change.

KVM Solution Benefits

  • KVM offers maximum security, flexibility and reliability for your network
  • Access computers in another room or another building
  • Quickly and easily switch between multiple PCs and/or servers from a single console
  • Greater efficiency, management and operational management – options for cable or fiber Scalable, so it adapts as your environment evolves and changes
  • Ease of configuration means quick set-up
  • Adapt and expand the network easily as needs change
  • Cost effective, it’s easy to add end-points without proprietary equipment

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