Quality Management

Taking product development to the next level

ProITAV maintains the highest operational standards, adhering to international quality management standards through our production and testing process. For custom designed products, we work closely with the client to obtain the necessary certifications. Contact your product manager for additional specifics regarding our quality management process.

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Material Control

SMT Process


Production & OC

Material Control

  • Incoming Quality Control (IQC) for all materials

  • Material supplies are qualified and established industry manufacturers

  • Supply chain is stable and reliable

SMT Process

  • Auto feeding control system is in place

  • Cleaning and temperature control are strictly maintained

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for furnaced PCBA


  • ESD protection is required before entering warehouse

  • Electronic material racks are grounded and ESD protected

  • Temperature and humidity control are strictly maintained

  • Storage environment is temperature and moisture controlled

Production & OC

  • Assembly staff are carefully trained, and maintain standard operating procedures

  • Machinery is carefully maintained for maximum productivity

  • Testing includes transmission distance, network and HDMI cable tests, functional testing, as well as reliability testing

  • Operations team works with each client individually on specific testing and certification requirements