Triangle of Tradeoffs Impacts AV over IP Product Mix


AV over IP

The AV industry is rapidly adopting hardware solutions that allow for packetizing data to improve the user experience. In deciding which offerings are best for your clients, consider this, the Triangle of Tradeoffs which shows the three critical areas that impact functionality, performance, and cost.
As solution providers, you have three important considerations – a triangle – that will impact the product selections you offer. Those three variables are the image quality needed, acceptable latency, and bandwidth utilization. Costs can go up or down within all three of these variables, so it’s important to partner with a technology provider who understands the specific needs of your vertical and budget considerations.

Different technologies address different parts of this triangle – whether you need a budget conscious solution within our H.264 family, or opt for something more higher performance and all the bells and whistles, we deliver technology to meet your needs.

The benefits of AV over IP technology include –

Scalability – add more inputs and outputs without the pitfalls of a proprietary matrix switch
Increased Data Transmission – the capability to move larger volumes of data more rapidly
Affordability – offerings that leverage IT technology are efficient and more affordable
Flexibility – the features built into AV over IP allows networks to adapt and grow as their needs change
Installation – a single ethernet cable can be used to power devices, transmit signals, and control a device
Centralized Management – web-based interfaces and robust software allow users to control every aspect of the system, making them more manageable while saving on manpower
At ProITAV, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique. We partner with you to come up with a solution that delivers the image quality, bandwidth utilization and the latency parameters that your customers demand.

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